fox-n-sox asked:
Why do you get to be so beautiful?

You are beautiful too though, doll ~ !

Manic Panic - Fuchsia Shock: Review

Personally, I absolutely love the colour (check out my selfies section and you’ll find a picture of what it looks like) and I will probably continue to go for this kinda shade a while (I think - but since I know myself, I will not swear on it). The colour also holds up really good. It’s still looking fresh after several washes, where I’ve found that most of the other MP dyes have faded a lot sooner.

One (very huge, major, ridiculously big) minus though, is that the dye is a real pain in the ass to use. Even as an experienced user of Manic Panic’s dyes. This shit gets everywhere. It stains your skin so hard as well as any other surfaces it gets any kind of contact with (a lot worse than any of the other MP-hues I’ve used so far). For the next (at least) four washes (possibly more), both your shower, towels as well as your hands and face AND bed-sheets (and everything and anything else that your wet hair / the “contaminated” water touches) will look as if it’s been soaked in beetroot juice.

Would I buy this dye again? I’m actually not so sure. I absolutely L O V E the colour, but the hassle that comes with it is far from satisfying. I might actually just look for another brand that might have something similar, but that won’t stain everything I get in contact with.

winchestersaucee asked:
You are absolutely stunning& your eyes are gorgeousss!

Why thank you! :’>

"Welcome to the eyebrow-emergency clinic, please take a seat and await your turn".


Breaking news

1. I might be appearing on youtube soon - as I attended the recording of Kerbera’s upcoming musicvideo.

2. I dyed my hair, again (I’ll post pics as soon as I have any)

3. First week at “Makeupstudion Education” is over. 5 more months to go ;>

4. Off topic: Can someone please tell me the secret behind Johanna Herrstedt’s perfectly symmetrical fucking features? And please tell me it’s magic. Or science. And that it’s possible to achieve. Yo. Like, provide me with a genie in a bottle, k? Thanks.

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