Anonymous asked:
What's your skin routine?? Please❤️

That depends on if I’m wearing makeup or not. For the days that I don’t wear makeup; I just wash my face with plain water in the morning and moisturize using a body-lotion by the lovely brand “Treemendus” mixed with some raw Shea-butter. I repeat the process at night if necessary.

If I’m going to wear makeup I’ll stick to using the body-lotion mixed with some Aloe Vera (to prevent the makeup from smudging and slipping around on my face). And once it’s time to go to bed, I use virgin olive oil (or almond oil) to dissolve the makeup before washing it off with plain water, and applying the Shea-butter + body-lotion mix over the night.

Hope you’ll find this helpful :>

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alllexxx3 asked:
wow! o.o absolutely inspirational - blog and personality! thank u!

Oh but thank you! I’m really glad to be a source of inspiration to someone :’>

twinkprivilege asked:
Hey, follow androgynous creature here. You're absolutely gorgeous. Like hot damn.

Why thank you dear! ^_^