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Holy fuck. Im so not sure if I'm more pleased you're a male. You're sublime! I wonder what your voice sounds like.

Oh my 0: thank you dear! I’ve got this half-arsed over put up here - where you (obviously) can hear what my voice sounds like. http://kaleidocolours.tumblr.com/post/68413357572/here-goes-nothing-too-late-to-regret-posting-this

I myself have been fortunate enough not to be criticized by family and friends for who I am, nor my choices. But I do think that anyone who doesn’t live by our society’s norms is used to the stares, the condescending comments and the preaching about one’s appearance, choice of career, social life, choice of partner, type of relationship, personality and even sexual orientation (as if that was something based on choice). Many conservative thinking individuals treat you as if all of these factors are something you do only to deliberately provoke people and poke’em in their eyes - when in fact it’s just about getting to live on one’s own terms.

So I was just asked if I’d like to go on a tour around Sweden on this thing called “julgalan” - as part of a group of makeup-artists working backstage for the front-artists and their crew during this event.


o guys, check this out ~ !


Dating someone new is nerve wrecking. I haven’t been on a proper date in ages and the process of getting to know someone new on a romantic level all over again is out of my comfort zone. I hate spending time and emotional effort on someone that may not even come. I value close relationships with people very highly, romantic ones or not, so it is such a big loss for me when I end up empty handed. I just don’t let anyone get under my skin, I handpick very carefully.

This actually struck me right in the feels. So accurate.

Edit: shit’s even worse if you still got “those” kind of feelings for your former partner.

"lmao women are so fake these days, its like they walk around with 5 layers of facepaint everyday jesus lol"
No, you know what’s fake? Expecting all women to look like barbies, and then complaining about the use of makeup.

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What's your skin routine?? Please❤️

That depends on if I’m wearing makeup or not. For the days that I don’t wear makeup; I just wash my face with plain water in the morning and moisturize using a body-lotion by the lovely brand “Treemendus” mixed with some raw Shea-butter. I repeat the process at night if necessary.

If I’m going to wear makeup I’ll stick to using the body-lotion mixed with some Aloe Vera (to prevent the makeup from smudging and slipping around on my face). And once it’s time to go to bed, I use virgin olive oil (or almond oil) to dissolve the makeup before washing it off with plain water, and applying the Shea-butter + body-lotion mix over the night.

Hope you’ll find this helpful :>