alllexxx3 asked:
wow! o.o absolutely inspirational - blog and personality! thank u!

Oh but thank you! I’m really glad to be a source of inspiration to someone :’>

twinkprivilege asked:
Hey, follow androgynous creature here. You're absolutely gorgeous. Like hot damn.

Why thank you dear! ^_^

To anyone who’ll dismiss the word of a woman as exaggeration whenever it comes to sexual harassment or discrimination. I just want to tell you all that I’ve seen both sides. Because I often get mistaken for a woman, I’ve gotten to experience exactly what most women around the world get to experience on a daily basis. Everything from degrading “pet-names” to uninvited ass-grabbing to getting hounded or scolded for rejecting a narcissistic asshole who can’t take “no” for an answer. A lot of the time, the only respect you’ll get as a woman is as somebody else’s “property”. Now don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying that it lies within human nature for men to be disrespectful towards women - because that has to do with being a shitty person, not what gender you are. Nor am I trying to make you feel ashamed for being a man. That would be kind of hypocritical, as I myself am biologically male. And I’m fully aware that men get discriminated and mistreated as well. I’m just saying that most women have to deal with a lot of shit like this every day, in a lot larger scale than most men. Quite frankly, the only times that I’ve been treated this way are the times that I’ve been mistaken for a girl. So you shouldn’t be so quick to pass stories like this off as “made up” or “exaggerated”.

Anonymous asked:
What is your sexual preference?!

That would be men. There are lots of women that I find beautiful, but I’ve never been sexually attracted to the female physique.

Anonymous asked:
Hi gorgeous! I was wondering, what camera/lenses do you use for your personal pics? They looks sooooo good and up close!

Thanks for the compliments! The camera I use is CANON EOS 700D, but the lens is just a regular 18-55 mm zoom. EF-S 18-55/3.5-5.6 IS STM

The camera will give you with wonderful pictures in daylight, regardless of the half-assed lens. If you use flash in low-light environments however, the pictures aren’t gonna turn out as good, so they might need some retouching.

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Ur face is a work of art, like its amazing so so beautiful

Thank you so much dear! :’>